New Chef Barko Culinary roles...update!
Oct 01, 2024 7:00 AM
Chef Kevin Barko: Heritage Street Cooks
New Chef Barko Culinary roles...update!

So much of life revolves around sharing and enjoying food, and Chef Kevin Barko is a seasoned professional chef, businessman, educator, and entrepreneur who is an expert in preparing it and teaching others too.  He is a Verrado Rotary Club member who has already kicked many West Valley events up a notch with his delicious talents and generosity.

Chef Barko served as Director of Marketing and Promotions for Shamrock Foods in New Mexico and Arizona from 2005-2014, and then as Director of Marketing and Business Resources for the Sysco Corporation for the 6 years after.  Then in 2020, Kevin founded his KPB Consulting firm, and we’re delighted that he and wife Amy had the vision and expertise to start Heritage Street Cooks right here in Verrado! 

Kevin says:  “Heritage Street Cooks offers hands on cooking instruction for adults, teens and kids for fun and education.  Our classes are personalized for individuals, couples, and groups of all sizes and age ranges."  Kevin and his wife Amy teach using the classic French cooking technique which is the world standard. Each class is scheduled one evening per week for 3 hours, and teaches solid, basic cooking skills. Students learn, create, and enjoy a new menu each week, including a dessert. 

There’s a lot more to the story: catering, Meals of Joy for seniors, the C-CAP program to prepare students for careers in culinary arts, and so much more.   Join us as Chef Kevin Barko shares his journey and the story of Heritage Street Cooks!