Artificial Intelligence: An Overview and a Look Ahead
Aug 06, 2024 7:00 AM
Will Aja
Artificial Intelligence: An Overview and a Look Ahead

In honor of Will Aja's field of expertise and passion, The Verrado Rotary Club is delighted to present legendary NY Yankees baseball coach Yogi Berra and our own Buckeye favorite Mayor Jackie Meck (via our first AI Chat GPT effort) to introduce our speaker.    

"Well, let me tell ya about Will Aja. He's like that curveball you never see comin'. Swings hard

in life, but always finds his way to home plate. A real team player, he's got the knack for hittin'

life's fastballs outta the park. Keep your eye on him, folks, 'cause he's bound to steal a few

bases!"  (Yogi Berra-ish)


"Let me tell you about Will Aja, a true Buckeye gem.  Born and raised under our Arizona sun, he's a testament to the resilience and spirit of our community.  Whether lending a helping hand or leading a charge for positive change, Will embodies the heart and soul of Buckeye.  With his dedication and passion, he's making Buckeye day at a time."   (Mayor Jackie Meck-ish).